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Side-by-Side Comparison of Mahindra eMax 20 vs Kubota BX1880 (John Deere doesn't have a comparable tractor)

If you want to find the perfect Sub-Compact Tractor for you, let us help you compare 2 Sub-Compact Tractors below.  As stated above, John Deere currently has no comparable for this size tractor. 

We will take a moment and compare the Mahindra eMax 20 vs Kubota BX1880.  See for yourself which sub-compact tractor is right for you.

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Mahindra Deals

Mahindra eMax 20 Kubota BX1880 John Deere
Mahindra-eMax20-SubCompact-Tractor Kubota-BX1880-SubCompact-Tractor John-Deere
Engine Type Four Stroke, Naturally Aspirated, Indirect
Injection, Water Cooled Diesel Engine,
Complies with US TIER-4 Final Norms
Liquid-Cooled, Diesel
Engine Power 19.4 HP @ 3000 rpm 16.6 HP @ 3200 rpm
# of Cylinders 3 3
Fuel Tank Size (gal) 6.6 6.6
Type Hydrostatic Transmission
(HST) - 2 Ranges
HST, High-Low Hear
Shift (2 forwards/reverse)
PTO Type Independent Independent
PTO HP 14.2 13.7
Lift Capacity (lbs) 680 680
3-point Hitch CAT I Narrow w/Check Chains SAE CAT I
Overall Length (in) 94.2 95.5 w/3 point hitch
Overall Width (in) 44.5 44.1
Overall Weight (lbs) 1499 1336
Ag (Front/Rear) 18 x 8.5 - 10 / 26 x 12 - 12 16 x 7.5 - 8 / 24 x 12 - 12
Warranty 7 Years Limited Powertrain 6 Years Limited Powertrain
Starting Price $10,969 $9,863
New-Tractor-For-Sale Shop-Used-Tractors-For-Sale